My recruitment procedure

I contribute to the success of organisations I work with through the provision and support of individuals who not only fulfil current requirements, but also add value in the future.


Candidates enjoy the informative way I recruit knowing that the career opportunities we discuss are real and give them a true reflection of the business and role that is on offer.

Services to the Client

It is my aim to ensure that the service we provide makes recruitment an easier, quicker and cost effective route to employing quality staff that adds value to your business.


- Site visits to acquire in-depth knowledge of your business and demonstrate my recruitment process

- To provide quality staff that are interviewed and skill tested

- Provide Supporting CV’s for every candidate

- Confirm eligibility for candidates to work in the UK

- Regular communication with updates on our progress

- Advertise Free of Charge

- Consultation on recruiting staff

- Interview technique training

- How to build a sales team and set targets

Services to the Candidates

It is my aim to make finding the “right” job an enjoyable exercise rather than a stressful one.  My supportive advice and attitude towards candidates is often commended in a written “Thank You”!  Looking for suitable employment can be a daunting task but can be made easier with my guidance.


- A free service supporting your search for the “right” job

- Interview, giving you the opportunity to express your needs and for me to find out what skills and qualities    you have to offer a potential employee

- Professional CV writing

- Skill test to confirm your ability

- Advice on presentation and interview techniques

- Career Advice

- Information on market trends and job availability

- An informed process throughout, with regular communication